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The Magic Of Tuxedos For Your

It’s easy to get everyone suited up. Choose your look, add members, and send an introduction email. We’ll take care of reminding everyone of what they need so you can focus on everything else.

Where Is Your Tuxedos?

As the ultimate in formal attire, our sleek collection of tuxedos features high-quality tuxedo jackets and pants perfect for parties, weddings and black-tie events. With an extensive range of styles, fabrics and fits, shop our timeless range

Believe it or not, suits and tuxedos are completely different. Yes, they are made up of the same elements: a jacket with matching pants but when it comes to fashion, they serve different purposes.


Suit or Tuxedo?

A suit is mainly for more casual events where you have to dress nicer than a polo and slacks. An important meeting, formal lunch, anything that is set in the daytime calls for a suit.

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Spring & Summer

Weddings in the spring and summer are usually more laid back thanks to the beautiful warm weather. Why not pair your outfit with a checkered button-down shirt. We advise you to avoid black but wear a nice navy blue.

When it comes to tuxedo colors, more and more men are opting out of wearing the typical black suit/ tuxedo but moving towards different shades of grey for their suit. This will fit with the weather as a light and comfortable color palette to fit with the sunshine.

Unlike the summer, we suggest wedding attire for grooms this time of year to be made up of wearing dark colors such as burgundy, dark blue, and black. It will fit the romantic tones that Fall and Winter weddings produce.

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